hard rock hotel: the dinner

The theme was Rock n Roll in Black n Red. We did not participate and spend much looking for red costumes .. (none of us ever had red outfit) because we know we will never win the crown. So all I did was just dress to have fun. I just get myself some simple shirt and stuffs to match the night. So here’s me and Zahraa.. and I got the title Rocker Muslimah that night. Did me and Zahraa match??? 😀

This is Kak Mimi.. I really like the way she look that nice. Nice, simple and different from everyday.. and here’s lil Khaira.. Zahraa’s schoolmate. Zahraa is so excited seeing Khaira at the dinner.

Zahrein – dont dare to care of dinner theme as usual.. and as he always is – looking smart and clean.

By the way, look at the carpet – so not Hall of Fame right?????

Oh no.. arkitek terlampau.. heheh here’s my cube neighrbour.. Zul – singing out Kuala Lumpur from Alleycats.. but.. too bad.. wrong song bro!!!!!!!!

My draughtperson – Final episode.. eh ehe no.. I mean Epi .. he is really a good singer actually.. and really did rockin’ out that night.

Kak Aya a.k Hajjah kaya as Kak Mawar always call her, with Shifa, also Zahraa’s schoolmate (seems like half of her classmate is here) All her family is in red.

Zahraa’s acting nice that night, beside of the fact she kept on dragging any of us around, or outside the hall.

Did I look fat?? Ouch.. really need to blew off some kgs.

My twinkle lil star…

Kak Mazni.. and her lil girl.. merelip la akak…

Daddy and daughter…

So here’s Kak Mawar.. president puspanita PDcc.. malang betull.. rambut set tak jadi.. almaklum la.. terkena air shower sbb tak reti bukak la kan.. nasib la akak … nak buat camana.. abis la rambut mahal…..

There are displays of artists precious stuffs along the hallway to the Hall of fame.

Beatles faces as tile pattern. And err.. i look big in red..


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