Angels and Demon

We watched this last night, phewww. finished it in 2 nights.. it is almost a 4 hour movie. Its not a sequel, but almost alike with The Da Vincci Code, written by the same person, and again. Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon. But to me, this story line make sense compared to The Da Vincci Code. 5 star from me.


3 thoughts on “Angels and Demon

  1. k22 says:

    aku pun baru tgk dvd ni 2 months ago jugak.. tak sempat nak catch masa kat movie aritu (furthermore movie sini rasa mcm mahal sket, so kena la save up for worthwhile ones like transformers n avatar kan, hehe). movies like this i mmg suka tgk… tapi i don't think reading the book is for me though…

  2. アリアナ says:

    angels and demon – prequelthe lost symbol – sequel sequel/prequel to da vinccis code ..the book is better… filem banyak cut… dalam buku siap ade gambarajah gambarajah… macam main puzzle book pun ade… totally syiok

  3. ZOORA says:

    oh.. ic.. we just had da vincci code punya buku je… well.. so it looks like this book gonna be more interesting. i enjoyed the movie sbb tgk banyak refurbishment building yg very intricate

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