Did you watch up???? The Movie has been there for quite some time, but I dint know why that it is not that famous. Maybe not so tempting trailer or not funny enough posters. Or no handsome heroes. Or maybe Angelina Jolie’s voice was not in it. I was not interested in it af first, but a few months ago, Kak Min suggested us to watch. She said, it a must-every couple in the world have to watch. So we did get the dvd and I DO think every couple, every family, every husband and wife, every kid should watch this movie.. It is sooooo sweeeeeeeet….. uhuuhukuhuk.. it brought me to tears, can you believe it?? Cartoon brought me to tears. It was meaningful, even at parts without dialogue. And my husband also love the music scores-he always hums it.. We always talked how creative the story is, everytime we watched it. Oh yes.. we watched it many many times, as Zahraa loves is, and we loves it too… Zahraa called the story, either Russel, or balloon, or Atuk, referring to that old man in the movie..

And it brought us to suprise when UP won the Golden Globe!!! They win best animated movie, and guess what.. the music scores won the Best Movie music score award. Congratulation Pixar Studio!!!


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