2 years old!!!

Yesterday, our little Zahraa turns 2 years old!!!!! Alhamdulillah, in a good health condition ( at the moment) and in a very cheerful mood.

Cant believe she is 2!! Could still remember how tiny she was, without hair, waking up every 40 minutes, crawling and eating everything….

And here she is now.. sayin ‘no, no.. tak leh, tak leh ‘ to us….

She is now behaving like she’s a bigl girl, (perasan betul) . However, recently, (notice to be since a week or two ago) she was different. She started to have fear in her.. (I dont know where she got the idea, or where she learnt the word from) Every time ther’s suspense music on tv, she’ll say, takut..takut.. or somehting looks like ghost.. she’ll say.. takut… hantu.. (who ever said hantu to her??? )

And last week, she is scared to death to a cat!!! A lil being that she loves so much before this. She screamed and cry like crazy last week when a cat approached her…

And she was being furius too.. whenever she was scolded, she will – (choose one) hit us, or make a crying face and run to her room and put her face on her pillow and cry softly.. then when you came to call her out, she will cry out loud.. – errr total drama

All we could say is.. she is developing her emotion .. expressing what she feels and think.

However, how naughty she is, we are so grateful that she is loving, she will come and kiss you without all of a sudden, or when you asked for it. She recognize almost all alphabet already (still mixing M and N and Y and V. and she cant say X) Alhamdulillah.. our next aim – to teach her numbers. She can count 1-10, yes.. but she does not recognize those numbers.. I have difficulties teaching her that (actually dont know how) She could only get the number 9. And she’s learning shapes too.. now everything is circle… (phewww)

She also now asked to wear her telekung. We cant wait for her to develop good in speech, so she could say things well, and can teach her Al fatihah better. (better than whatever she is saying now – rosak ayat tu nak oiii)..

May her years to come being bless by Allah, may she become a good daughter, good muslimah, one with knowledge and wisdom, someone with a good heart, and kind to others.

Abah and mama love you…..


6 thoughts on “2 years old!!!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AZZAHRAA..(Aunty n Carliff miss the Barney show..is it?)Have a wonderful years ahead..B a good Gurl..! (Adiah claim kat Uncle Amri, Aunty pegi shopping tak hingat2 sudah bankrupt! hahah)XoXO..

  2. Drama Mama says:

    happy birhtday dear…may you have a good life ahead. and be good to both your parents k..to zoora and zack, enjoy ur life with her before another one comes along πŸ˜‰

  3. k22 says:

    another one coming soon zoora? anyways, happy birthday lil zahra! lots hugs n kisses from auntie kayla πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)p/s: zoora, i found this at my sis blog, utk reading for kidshttp://coachsha.wordpress.com/2009/11/18/recommended-i-can-read-by-ameen/

  4. happy birthday zahra. semoga menjadi anak yang baik. isha allah.

  5. ZOORA says:

    thank you all aunties.. zahraa is very happy dpt birthday wishes.. every i said – this auntie said happy birthday and that aunty says bla bla bla.. she'll be like, ha?? biday???? and make a happy face.. hahahi am sure enjoying her now, bai.. and carlif,, dont worry, u dont miss anything except for yummy muffin.. and keyl.. no.. no babys coming.. hahaha and thanks too DD

  6. Drama Mama says:

    join my giveaway when ur free k..mana tau bole menang our delicious diaper cupcakes! bole kasi bday gift kat zahra ;-)http://twinkywinkystars.blogspot.com/2010/02/join-our-diaper-cupcakes-giveaway.html

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