Spying on Zahraa

I love spying on Zahraa.. and secretly took a picture, or video of her. And here I share it with you all – zahraa in her own. Today’s she is playing with her Lego. Remember we had an entry on lego last year??? Well, a year a go she just seems to bang every blocks together, not getting her hands on it (so I kept it for a while from her, learnt this from Mye) and taraa!!! I dont know when does she suddenly know waht to do with them.. and I am happy.. go Lego!!! (same toys I’ve played when I was a kid – but still Zahraa, you’re gonna end up like me)




2 thoughts on “Spying on Zahraa

  1. Drama Mama says:

    yeay! good job zahra!irfan pun dah pandai main blocks skang..then come show mama and said "mama, irfan pandai!!" hahaha perasannn

  2. ZOORA says:

    bai, bila anak kita dah bleh achieve something.. rasa mcm seronok giler kan? mcm kita plak yg achieve buat bende tu… yesterday zahraa dah bleh tunjuk 2 jari, before this, 3, 2, 1, semua tunjuk all five fingers.. and yes, diorang suka cakap, pandai!! kat diri sendiri kan kan ?? cute

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