cding a newborn

From the beginning I always felt that Cding a newborn isnt easy peasy. Because they poop all the time, urinate all the time, difficult to sleep all the time, and the diaper becomes the first thing to blame whenever the baby cried. I could imagined, struggling with a newborn with breast feeding stuff, and yet, I wanted to add Cding some more???? (and had to wash all on my own during confinement, and had to dry them in our laundry room – wow, I’d be crazy waiting for them to dry!)

But these are just the pre imagination that I had – without experiencing it all! Guess what.. Mye, did a good job, compiling her review on her first attempt CDing her cutie newborn. Great Mye, thanks!


2 thoughts on “cding a newborn

  1. Drama Mama says:

    good luck zoora 😉

  2. .Dd LaLa. says:

    even cd-ing a todler pun i found it a bit hard especially when my work is at peak. determination, determination…

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