3rd anniversay

It was our 3rd anniversary last week, which falls on the 10th of March. But I have no energy to blog about it last week (even now). So, it has been such a blessed 3 years being married to Zahrein, alhamdulillah.. its a happy 3 years… Happy Anniversary Dear and thank you for all the happiness, laughter, knowledge and shelter you’ve given me.

Actually I planned to answer that tag from Aiza on this date, but… I couldnt find it .. huhuhu later kay Aiza.. I O U!!


8 thoughts on “3rd anniversay

  1. Drama Mama says:

    happy anniversary zoora and zack. may happiness be urs alwiz n forever

  2. Dayah says:

    happy enibeseri Zoora and husband.

  3. liz says:

    happy anniversary you two!!

  4. ZOORA says:

    thank you thank you *blush*

  5. congrates..moga kekal sehingga ke akhir hayat

  6. HAPPY THIRD N-Niversary frenS! Moga kekal ke anak cucu eh~

  7. hi zura..happy 3rd anniversary..we're sharing the same date remember? hehe..semoga happy selalu..

  8. ZOORA says:

    thanks all. aah la keen.. kita sama ek.. ramai gak ember aku yg kawin sama tarikh ni:D hikhikhik tu yg sesama tak dpt hadir majlis sesama tuh

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