food you remember

I am starting a tag here.. wanted to write about this for some time.. but at last I think its a great tag to do as well..

Food that I could remember… as long as I live… until recet day I mean.. šŸ˜€

1. Nasi minyak at Tanjung Api

I dont know if it still available, but it was at one of those stores that sells breakfast at Jeti Tanjung Api, where all the fishes are up every evening. People came here to get fresh fish, to fish or to eat as well. Fishermen hang around here at times. I remembered my dad took me to the store, to eat nasi minyak, damn those were my favorites. In Kuantan, we ate nasi minyak for breakfast, and for weddings, it is usually more than usual, maybe nasi minyak hujan panas. The nasi minyak here was eaten with ayam masak merah, or ayam kari with acar timun and nenas.. it is really yummy.. until today, I couldnt found any nasi minyak tastes as good as this one.

2. Mee goreng and sambal at SMART

Yup, it was the foodstall food at my canteen, at SMART – Sek Men Abdul Rahman Talib Kuantan. This canteen really does serves yummy food, so irony with the fact that foodstalls at canteen serves crap. I usually pour a lot of sambal onto the mee goreng, and add with ayam goreng. It was a simple mee goreng, put seriously I could remember it till today.

3. Mee sup, also at SMART

Told ya they serves yummy food. Mee soup with sambal cili kicap.. wow.. yummy.. we ended up throwing chicken bones to the boys after those meal.. naughty huh?????

4. Mee goreng at MRSM Jasin Melaka

It was not the canteen food.. sorry dear school… nothing from your dewan makan touch my heart.. (hahaah) It was those mee goreng made by, makcik.. errr owwhh I forgot, which makcik, but it was sold after prep class every night. almsot every night. People would rush and ran to get it, as it usually finish very early. sometimes, you have to have a representative to get it for you.. it was like the ‘have to have’ food every night.

5. Nasi lemak zaman

Also available only in Kuantan. There was a very big restaurant, near the old Kuantan airport, and it was very very famous that serves nasi lemak in banana leaves. Every morning you could see the front of the restaurant was jammed up with cars, lorries, and the restaurant, which was huge, was crowded with people! You have to get into the kitchen to get the nasi lemak in daun pisang on your own, or else you’ll be left behind. All the waitresses are very very very busy. It was famous as it is located along the way to leave Kuantan for KL or Temerloh. I dont know how it is doing today as there was a new highway and this is not anymore the main entrance into Kuantan. At first this restaurant only sells nasi lemak, can u imagine, people came just for nasi lemak. After sometimes, they have other things as well, maybe to be more competetive.. oh I wish I could have one pack of Nasi Lemak Zaman.

6. Nasi tomato at Canteen C, UIA PJ

Was it called the Canteen C? I cant remember, but it was the jejantas canteen – thats what we called it, as it was on the jejantas above the road. There was this stall, at the end, selling nasi tomato and ayam goreng. (maybe they are selling more than that, but that was what I always buy) I remember buying those nasi tomato, ask for the ayam goreng and some kerak. And add with their masak merah gravy.. oww yummy.. I think Mye, Riza and Zatul should remember this.. we always bought them after classess to have it in our kolej – Kolej Fatimah Azzahraa tak de canteen remember???

7. Ikan Keli Bakar at Kolej Hafsa

Seriously cant be forgotten.. those ikan keli bakar and air asam.. mashallah.. sedapnyaaaaa…. (air teh ais dia pun sedap) uhukuhukuhuk… there is where I learnt to eat ikan keli. Never had any back in my home town. But those ikan bakar were great, we could the smell of they grilling it from far… I remembered everything from their canteen in nice as well – teringat bila time I got sick, Mye would buy me food from the canteen, and she never get it wrong.. the only person sho exactly know what I eat, and how i eat…

8. Red ruby at KLCC foodcourt

I think it is the best desert I ever had.. it was some kind adik beradik cendol, but in it was red thingie 9the red ruby thing) made out of err. I cant remember, with slices of jackfruit. all in cold coconut milk.. my husband will try and get it, whenever we went to KLCC (whihc was like, ermm once a year now) hmm yummmmieeee

9. Nasi lemak and char kuey tiaw at Mali

It was at wangsa maju – not sure whether it is still there. But it was the best char kuey tiaw I have ever eaten. Their nasi lemak and fried chicken was special too

(errgh I’m trying to make it 10)

10. Nasi with pecelele and bergedil and fanta merah!!!

Yeah!!! that complete my list!!! It was our favourite food (or among those I could gulp) during our short study in Indonesia. I had fanta merah every day! I could remember the tastes, as it came together with good memories of Studio 99 members being together. When you were away from home, you could know who your true friends really are. And thats how I remembered how happy we were eating nasi pecelele froun our food pack.

I want to tag – Mye, Kayla, Bai, Aiza, DD, Liz, Nuyu, Aishah and all of you who read this.. drop by anf leave a message if you had answer this ok
let see is there any similarity???


11 thoughts on “food you remember

  1. Dd LaLa says:

    zoora, mali tu still there tapi char kwey tiau dia dah tak sesedap zaman UIA 2002 dulu2 lagi dah… sebab too commercialize.but kalau ikut rasa dulu, it's the best CKT to me too.

  2. ZOORA says:

    tak sama rasa? serious.. wahh.. too bad.. so the nasi lemak ada lagi?

  3. aisha says:

    wahhh..aku dah rasa no 1, 2, 3 and 5..suma mmg yummy.. hehehhe.. tp zaman dah tak best dah.. and betul la zura..susah la nak dpt rasa nasi minyak macam zaman kecik2 kita dulu..walaupun rega dia that time just 50 sen, tp sedap nyer mak ai…and canteen food are the best..siap potong Q lagik nak beli makan punyer pasal..and the mee sup kita pilih yg paling byk ayam and letak cili kicap melimpah ruah lepas makan mulut masing2 suma macam anita sarawak..and we add telur goreng on top of that..sedap nyer..

  4. Dd LaLa says:

    nasi lemak ada dan rasanya masih ok la compared to CKT.I pun dah buat tag food ni.

  5. k22 says:

    zoora, teh ais hafsa tak masuk list ke? heheheh… siap dapat bau kantin lagi lekat kat baju kan? haha.. mali's dah bukak another cawangan yg jadi mcm proper restaurant kat danau okay.. okay la kot for families, coz it has lights. tapi lain la ambience dia compared to kat TAR college tu yg very sempoi n relax. but still alrite la… i'm a big fan of food too, so i'll surely respond to your tag soon!

  6. ZOORA says:

    okie dokie.. i am looking forward for you all punya food list

  7. ZOORA says:

    aisha.. ye ke zaman tak sedap mcm dulu.. huhuhaah.. ingat tak sedap sungguh sambal cili kicap tu.. aku sekarnag dk buat sendiri je kat rumah, tapi tak sama la dgn yg kena beratur… i wonder bila nak nak pi mali lagikeyl.. teh ais ada dalam kurungan je.. hahahah

  8. Drama Mama says:

    mali's nasi lemak! i miss them too!!!! ok nanti rajin i buat ya this tag hehehezoora ko dah start mengidam ka? šŸ˜‰

  9. ZOORA says:

    kah kah kah .. agaknya la bai.. dok imagine makanan apa sedap – but so far tekak aku susah nak terima food. dah byk hari tka makan propoerly

  10. Mye says:

    omg ko dah mention semua aku nak mention apa lagi??redruby klcc the best!!!!!!!! aku n kamal slalu tuduh anim penyebab redruby tu dah tak de. ye la, sejak dia redesign interior foodcourt klcc tu , langsung tak de dah gerai tu!!! ANIM—ini semua salah kau!! tapi aku dah jumpa pengganti, walaupun tak sehebat kat klcc tu, tapi red ruby kat thai express (the curve) not bad juga. suka icecream santan dia tu. gi la try. btw, the red ruby thingie, is the same thing dlm bubble tea tu kan? yumzzpastu apa ke nama mapley kat belakang restoran jejantas tu…ala apa ke nama nasi tu aku tak ingat. tapi mcm nasi goreng usa tu… jugak kan kita gi mkn kat situ mlm2. ikan keli dgn air asam mahallah hafsa (sebut dgn slang kedah riza pls) adalah terbaekk!!! marvelous!!! bak kata kayla, sampai lekat2 lah bau kantin tu kat jubah&tudung semua akakakakaka. gerenti kalau ko gi sana skarang morning sickness dibuatnya haha.gosh….great ol' days! syiok gak kalau adik aku dpt masuk UIA boleh mengimbau kenangan makan2. hehe. adik aku pun excited hari tu dia makan chicken chop kat kolej baru apa ntah nama dia,,, rm4.50 je. pagi petang siang malam dok makan chicken chop tu je sbb sedap & murah, apa kes…

  11. ZOORA says:

    kah kah kah awei.. ajwab la jugak kat blog engko mye!! tak aci.. kah kah kah ye la.. aku rasa betul la.. kalau masuk kantin tu sekarnag sure aku muntah .. kes kes.. yg belakang tu? err rendevous tu ke? yg kak yati bawak kita pi situ???

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