here we go again

This is quite soon to tell.. but I need someone, some where to nag to (lagipun some of my dear friends already know this) sometimes I just cant keep all this in me and need to be blow it out somewhere..

I am uncomfortable!! help!!! I cant breathe easy, I cant sit comfortably.. this is happening early and seems too soon for me. I am till struggling with the nausea and sickness and now I have to deal with this??? – Banyak betul pahala Allah nak bagi eh- (keep positive and head up)

What am I talking about?? Oh yes, I am pregnant again, and now being at 8 weeks. I am quite nervous this time, considering what has happen to my previous pregnancy. But is all God’s willing rite? All I have to do is do my part, and pray, and just hope this time around it will go well….

Many told me, this time, take care.. but personally I dont really know what really take care is. So all I do is, pretend like it is any other day, and pray that this time, we’ll gonna have a successful pregnancy.

Of course I am happy, but I am worried as well. Pray for me, ok.. thanks….


9 thoughts on “here we go again

  1. Alhamdulillah. Take care Zura. Happy for you.

  2. aisha says:

    syukur.. gembira dengar you are pregnant again.. arap suma ok for you la.. aku hanya leh ckp take care sbb aku pun belum ada least ko dah berjaya… and aku masih mencuba.. huwargghhh..

  3. liz says:

    Salam Zura, I'm having a difficult time too with the symptoms. I seem to have everything and it seems that the only time I feel normal symptom is the first 2 minutes when I woke up in the morning. Sometimes it's bearable, sometimes I'm downright miserable and teary. Nothing I can do to make myself feel better.Please take it with a pinch of salt when someone tells you 'this time, take care' it's not fair for them to assume as though we cared less when we had the miscarriage last time.. miscarriage happens because it happens not because we didn't take care of ourselves.. know what I mean? but it's just something they'll say because they are concerned. I have had a miscarriage too and concerned about this pregnancy.. but there's nothing we can do except to eat healthily, live healthily, not do too much rigorous activities and pray.I guess, you do have to take things in a positive way.. find distractions.. read quran, books, main game with LO, watch movies maybe.. get as many nutrients as u can from whatever you can keep down…If you're too tired or throwing up a lot, ask your ob/gy for some supplements that might help.. like B6 and/or anti-emetics.. they'll know what's safe for a pregnant mum. Oh, remember your folic acids!As for me.. it helps to talk to someone who would lend an ear.. and once in a while.. go splurge on very very nice desserts and chocolate! hehe.. or a new handbag? new flat shoes? chey.. macam macam pula.. hehe.sorry la bebel panjang sangat.. today is one of those miserable days for me.. monday blues to be blamed jugak kot.. hehe.All the best to you dear, it will all pass one day and we'll have this beautiful baby to take care of and to be pening about LOL! Insyaallah. anyways.. congratulations again!!! am so happy that many of my friends are pregnant about the same time.

  4. Dd LaLa says:

    tahniah zoora. i'm planning to have my second kid this year, but don't know when will it happen.happy and excited for u!

  5. ZOORA says:

    Aishah, aisha and DD – thanks a lot.. :daisha – jangan la tunggu lama sgt k… Liz – thanks millions, sob sob sob – terharu.. what u said is really really true. and thanks for those suggestion, yeah I think I need distractions to kill all this uncomfortable feelings away. I had something for the vomiting already. thanks. Hmmm .. shopping sounds like a great distraction rite? thanks liz.. and great to have share it with you

  6. Hanim says:

    congrats… kenapalaa i mmg dah assume u are preggers past 2 weeks? must've scanned you telepathy-way haha

  7. ZOORA says:

    haha funny la hanim. thanks btw

  8. laydida says:

    zura, congrats and happy to hear about ur pregnancy. i am in the same boat too – 16 weeks already. funny that i am now in 2nd trimester but still the nauseas (mild )is still around. take good care of yourself. agree with liz – distractions are good, even though it doesnt help much..hehe. hold on still, it'll pass one fine day. and remember, every pregnancy is i guess we gotta be (mentally) prepared for anything!

  9. Dayah says:

    oh..baru tau..congrats Zura and take care this time ok…

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