blogging again

Wow.. lamanya tak blogging.. I forget the excitement of it. Always the same lame excuse, busy, busy, busy. And actually I have a lot of things to blog about.

1. The new home – yes. we have moved!!!! bye bye Desa bukit Jambul.. Its been great 3 years there, and we are now venturing into our new adventure of life in our home. We were among the earliest resident to moved in. I think there are only 5 houses been occupied at the moment. Even though the whole building is still untidy and renovations a re going here and there, I quite like it. being the only tenants there, it felt very peaceful. I never moved before, born and raised at the same house. When I moved into our rented home after marriage, all I got was a box of stuffs and a bag of clothes. So now I really experienced moving.. as people said, it was a lot of work and every very tiring, but at the same time, it was very exciting and I am very happy!!! Thanks to my husband, he did most of the work, as I cant help much to lift up things and all. I had helped from bibik Lily to clean the new home. We are now waiting for the kitchen cabinet, tv cabinet and toilet vanity to be complete to get the house complete and running!!!

2. Being almost 5 months, there are a lot of things I have to start planning. Saving money is one of the most highlighted item as we have spent a lot for the house. I have started to have pain here and there, and felt that there is no more energy to chase Zahraa around. I have to decide where to give birth, looking for names ( I have no idea at all for now) , planning for confinement, planning for baby stuffs, and many more. and suddenly a new obsession came thru!!! A wrap as a baby carrier.. I never ever had interest in wraps before. But after meeting Adriana the other day, I saw that it wasnt that difficult at all, and yet it seems to be quite convenient. And there goes new hobby of mine – drooling for wraps!! Suddenly I felt like being pregnant is so exciting again. (well, of course with the help of no nausea phase)

3. I am into eating now. For the last months I have lost almost 8 kgs.. and has gotten into skinny mode. But now, I have started to have appetite and want to eat all the time. One of the things that I always wanted to is Durian!! Its not the season yet, but there were some in Penang. And I managed to get hold of some duku the other day.

4. Work – has been crazy these days. But wahtever.. sorry work.. I have no obsession for you now, nor I am in the mood of being the best employer.


2 thoughts on “blogging again

  1. Drama Mama says:

    wahhh zoora lost 8kg!! nak jugak shed off some kilos!letak la gambar rumah baru wehhh…nak tengok! slalu kalau kitorang lalu situ kan sure dok cakap "we were thiiiiiiissss close to buy this house!". hahahhabtw, next week nak makan kat kedai satay kat d'piazza. ada farewell colleague amin. hehe

  2. ZOORA says:

    itu lerr. mas anak diet tak de nyer nak turun even 1kg!!!! ok . nanti aku letka gambo rumah baru.. sket2 tgh complete kan. lorr.. kalau dah arround the corner tu mai je la singgah. ada no phone aku tak??

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