house renovation 3a

The best part!! My favorite of all is the mosaic tiles!!! We have searching and looking around for this, a last minute disicion.. we’ve been looking to get good price, nice tiles.. and here it is.. in favourite colour!!!


3 thoughts on “house renovation 3a

  1. - rzmie - says:

    zoora, nice. i still didn't renovate my house. plan to do it around june and july so the family can start living there around august (nicely before puasa). i'm surprise that you are at the same block as me. šŸ™‚

  2. ZOORA says:

    oo sama block ke.. heh kalau terjumpa tegur ok. o, ramai jugak yg mcm tu-nak masuk nicely before puasa. kami nak masuk awal, takut dah sarat nak pindah nanti susah. so far duduk situ best-seronok gak tak ramai org lagik. tak yah tunggu lif lama. tapi berabuk la, ramai tgh pulun reno

  3. laydida says:

    we are at the same timeline lah – kejar time sebelum 3rd trimester.seronok kan nak masuk rumah sendiri? tapi tak bestnye $$ keluar mcm air-non stop!!

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