house renovation 4

Yup, major works was done. And it now came to interior stuffs. Some of the earliest work – curtain rails, flooring, and wardrobe.

The laminated flooring, I used Inovafloor. Its a Malaysian product that has received some awards. The lamination is made of Malaysian timber, so it suit our climate. Compared to other brand, this brand offers lifetime warranty for anti-termite. You can browse the link, of what it offers but most of all, it is very comfortable for kids, and my favorite of all, it saved my glasses!! Hahaha.. the other day, Zahraa threw a glass and it does not broke into pieces.. phewwww.. and it saved my handphone too πŸ˜›

Zahraa’s wardrobe. The contractor told me they seldom use this colour. Most people chose brown. But I insist of using this color. In the end I am quite satisfied and suprise it looks quite good even we didnt paint our walls.

The curtain rod, our masterbedroom wardrobe and pendant light seems to match in a whole. Phew.. thats just luck πŸ˜›


7 thoughts on “house renovation 4

  1. Drama Mama says:

    cantikkkknya! the color really suits ur bedroom and overall concept la. cantik pulakkkk aku tengok!!

  2. Dd says:

    tak sabarnya nak ada rumah sendiri bila tengok entry cam ni

  3. I think you have almost completed your renovation job. But i think there is something still left in your side. But however your room is looking very awesome.

  4. ZOORA says:

    bai.. complete pics in facebook.. and laydida.. ye la. rumah sendiri tak sama.. lain sgt dgn rasa rumah sewa. liquid rubber.. oh yes.. of course there's so many thing incomplete yet.. i need more time and more $$$$ then πŸ˜› .. even still no budget to paint those walls 😦

  5. KittyCat says:

    Wow, so nice! Sigh…dunno when we can move into a house. Anyway, my wardrobe is the same colour as yours πŸ™‚ It's a good choice as it makes the room look more spacious.Can't wait to see the other parts you're going to decorate!

  6. ZOORA says:

    Hi Kitty. yeah.. i do agree about that colour does make the room look bigger. actually i choose light colour as i plan to paint dark colour for walls.. but still no budget for painting..decoration – shall wait .. heheheh:D

  7. E`n1x says:

    eh u pun expecting jugak ek. lol. i'm almost due! and i hope i won't exceed EDD!!! (coz i really wanna discard my work and stay home with a newborn, LOL)

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