gearing up

I am now 26 weeks.. had a check up yesterday, and that’s how long i am .. I thought I am 6 months, but seems 2 weeks ahead. So far alhamdulillah.. I am healthy (but had a blood test yesterday, yet to get result) and baby is also healthy.. its now 964 grams.

And guess what it is??


Haahahahhaha.. still no view of its gender la…. the baby still wanna make it a suprise to us, even though doc says she might know what is it, but nit telling until it was crytal clear to us.

Ramadhan is approaching.. I have to prepare my self to be healthy, so I could fast (hoping to get a full score this year!!!)

I get a lot of braxton hicks lately. had a leg cramping the other night.. well.. its a sign I just have to start prepare…

Of course it is very exciting..not only to meet the new litle ones, but I wanted to see also how Zahraa would react and behave around another sibling in the house. We started to tell her that she’s gonna be kakak, and a kakak should behave well, and so on and so on.. I wont know whether she understand or not.. but she now kept talking, saying hello, or hug my belly whenever she passed me. Cute!

And those baby stuff list could start now right? Ergghhh.. I think I just wanna tiru Neeza’s of Farrah’s in ther blog. they made a very good list.


3 thoughts on “gearing up

  1. Drama Mama says:

    seronoknya zahra nak dapat adik! i'm sure she'll be a good sister to her ermmm adik. heheheapalagi start shopping la zura!hehehe

  2. KittyCat says:

    Congrats!!! Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy…

  3. laydida says:

    i nearly forgot on what to buy for NB 😛 i'm on week 33 already!btw, have u moved in to ur new niche yet?

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