2 months to go!

Since I got pregnant, I am eager to breastfeed again, and of course to breastfeed again. For the second time around, I’d like to do everything better, avoid mistakes I made (if I ever did) and enjoy every single moment of the journey. Most of all- I want to breast feed longer… I made a mistake at Zahraa’s time-letting her taking the league on the bf journey.. I should have more control to it. Insyallah, I hope to BF longer, selagi yg diizinkan Allah.

And of course baby wearing!!!!!!!!! yeay… I am excite to BW again.. dah lama rasanya tak carry Zahraa. I want to be more open up this time around – trying other carriers as well..

For that- I already got hang on to wrap! As a preparation for the nb! And got another wrap as a present form a best friend. A TOTALLY gorgeous warp-love it so much

So here they are! Of course tak de action pic ya dear all.. susah la perut dah besar..

First one is Storch Ulli – bought a returned item at a bargain price.. they are pretty, and very supportive.. look at Zahraa in it.. But they are not break in yet.. need help to break that! For now its quite thicky..

And the second one – Exclusive Girasol Donau.. Thanks a million mye.. bagai kera mendapat bunga aku – got something so nice but still cant use it by now.. so it’s Zahraa’s blanket for the time being. This one seems easier to break in, it seems softer now-got seconds from Zana, a Malaysian BW mother in Japan.

Hope these wraps would be useful for the coming little one.. mummy cant wait to see you 😀


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