i am 33 weeks

No one is interested to snap my picture.. (yes, there goes to you My Hubby) of being pregnant. Who knows whether I might got pregnant again or not rite? There were outing picture we took, but those really doesnt show my belly (or my belly isnt really showing that much-shud the camera be blamed? heh) So I decided to snap a pic of myself.. reminding me how did I look like carrying baby No 2. 😀

Ini ialah baju raya tahun lepas, and this is me in it-32 weeks and counting down….


2 thoughts on “i am 33 weeks

  1. aisha says:

    zura, ko muat lagik baju raya tahun lepas? apsal ko nampak kurus sangat eh??ko kat kl sampai bila…? apapun, selamat hari raya ek.. hugs and kisses for si kecik.. upload la gambar baru dia..

  2. kayla says:

    i think preggy tummy photos are cool! pernah try draw out ur silhouette tak? ala2 section profile gitu, hehe

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