37 weeks drama

I’m not playing any drama. Those at the office would always say-they could work till the day they are in labor. Some would say-staying home is a waste of time-penat je tunggu and buat rugi cuti je. Some says-tak seronok la nanti sakit sorang2 kat rumah-no drama.

But I am already tired. See… as for now its not yet 11am an i’m tired already.. feel so weak.. and mcm nak baring je.. my back ache, my damn ass ache too. I went to the loo one minute after the other..walking here and there is not fun anymore when my feet hurts, my pelvic bone hurts, and my -you know what- also hurts. It seems like an annoying complain, but yes.. i am hurting anywhere..

Some people might not have gone thru what i am going thru now. For some mothers, pregnancy are all fun, and being pretty and glowing. Yes, lucky you.. but some might not. I just wish that every one could understand this-that not all women went thru the same thing. Its lucky that I could still work the whole 9 months (yes..this complain goes to you dear office).

I might keep on complaining.. bare with me.. well.. only few weeks left til i end this.

Just a reminder-I dont want this too.. would you??????

All we want is a smooth pregnancy, smooth delivery, and a healthy baby an mummy in the end.. amin…..


4 thoughts on “37 weeks drama

  1. Drama Mama says:

    hang in there dear. aku dulu pun rasa camtu…sebab i had low heamoglobin. so rasa seksa bila kejap2 nak pitam. tak campur muntah2 lagik sampai the end. tapi bila kita MC ka apa orang cakap manja la mengada bla bla. benci sangat!http://twinkywinkystars.blogspot.com

  2. saya, saya!! (sambil angkat tangan), teramat amat faham sngatnya..don wori..i think mine is worst kot..(nasib baik telinga tebal, buat2 xda hal..)still, syokknya nak cuti panjangggg..

  3. aisha says:

    sama la kita zura.. dia orang ni ingat suma orang pegnant experience dia sama jer kot.. mentang2 dia punyer senang lenang, best jer ckp org lain macam tu gak..not that we are complaining, tp tak tahan bila orang dok bg advice tah apa2.. bukan dia yg merasa pun.. sape yg tak nak easy pregnancy kan?well, keep us update yer.. aku ingat ko dah meletup pun..

  4. ZOORA says:

    haa.. betul betul.. org kata kita mengada, manja, tak kuat badan la.. halo halo halo.. sendiri tak rasa kan kan? nasib la ada korang yg memahami nih. lega la sket aku.. huhuh

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