a new addition

Yet to announce in this blog.

Yup, alhamdulillah.. i have given birth to a healthy baby girl in Pantai Hospital Penang, on the 20th October 2010, at 1:51 pm. Our 3.1 kg baby girl is healthy, measured at 51cm long and we have named her Nasuha bt Zahrein.

Our long wait has ended, and we are so glad to have this new addition inour family.. gosh i feel so blessed.. and most of all relieved that the pregnancy is over. Being pregnant is fun tho, i admit.. but towards the end.. i am tired and felt uncomfortable.. with the uneasiness feeling, impatient to meet the baby, worries of the baby’s well being and others-makes me feel so much better when it ended.
ALhamdulillah, she is now in my hands.. well..

So, meet our girl.. NASUHA!

So it looks like my life is going changed now, with her in it now. And I am curious about it..being able to handle two girls? I am going on a ride to find love with Nasuha, insyallah as I did with Zahraa..

** Do you think she looks like Zahraa? Sometimes I think she does.. but most of the times – I dont think so…


3 thoughts on “a new addition

  1. Blubewwy says:

    Tahniah…. sweet sgt nama dia….!!

  2. Drama Mama says:

    congrats! i love her name. btw ko pantang kat mana zura?http://twinkywinkystars.blogspot.com

  3. ZOORA says:

    Bluebewwy- ehh?? u changed name? thank you… Bai – ada je kat bayan baru ni….

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