labor story

For all mommy bloggers – well.. most of them.. – labor story entry is a must.. As it might be shared with someone out there.. or its just to be kept written – just for ourselves to remember.. only because – labor story is very special for each person….

I have been on leave since the 14th, doc told me I am 1cm dilated and could be delivering my baby any time soon. However, Zahraa was on high fever. At that time – even though the feeling of wanting to get the baby out is soooo obvious – I just hope it wont happen.. not until Zahraa is well.. Then Zahrein fell sick too. Losing his voice… Oh no! At that time, all I was thinking was to get this 2 to get well… While actually at that moment, I cant sleep every night.. I am having those contractions already… I was up every hour, to feel it… But, it seems to be gone during the day..

On monday the 18th, Zahraa was up and well.. and my husbands voice is back again – I said.. ok.. now you can azan and qamat nicely rite? He just laugh at it.. He kept calling from the office, and work from home on some of the days, worried that I might be delivering.. All I said was.. I am still okay, dont think I will deliver. I just knew. But then my husband said; you keep having all these pain, why dont we just go and see Dr Yeap, on Wednesday, let her do what she wants to do with you.. I agreed, and said – Nak induce pun tak pe la… I couldnt stand this waiting anymore…

Wednesday night – 20.10.2010 –

I cant sleep a wink.. its very obvious. This is it.. this is the pain I am waiting for.. But its still 1 hour apart. When subuh arrived, i told my husband, its here.. the pain is here. Ok.. he got all geared up, getting ready – while I said : Alaa.. relax la.. belum lagi.. its 1 hour apart lagi.. buat la kerja apa dulu. settle kan all you issues..

6.40, 7.09, 7.35, 7.45, 8.00, 8.05, 8.30

That was the time written on that piece of paper on our fridge – my timing!

We sent Zahraa to school at almost 9, then went straight to Pantai Hospital. At 9.30 I was at the delivery suit, the nurses wonder why I was there, as my due is still 3-4 days ahead, and I have no show yet. Told them I had contractions every 20 minutes. My doc request them to do a ctg test on me.. and there, in the labor room, waiting, with my husband. He said : Alhamdulillah.. today is the day! He’s so confident… hahhaha… suddenly, at 10.15 am.. I shivered.. said – Oh no… its so painful, I am totally in pain… ouch ouch ouch.. my sister arrived, reciting doa and holding my hands – (she was crying.. errggh.. that is what she always does… breaking me…) Told her its okay.. i have to go tru this, like every mother does.

Ctg test ended at 10.30 am, showing I have contractions every 10 minutes that lasted about 20-30 seconds. A matron – told me to go to my doc clinic.. what????? She said – we might not know if she’ll be warded today.. before the nurse takes me to the clinic, my husband said to the matron: she’ll be surely deliver today. (the nurse who pushed my wheel chair kept apologizing)

My doctor have me checked – at 11.30am.
‘You’re 4 cm already… and its already thinning, in fact very thin.. why dont you come earlier???’ And I was so in pain – suddenly. ‘Ok, you are ready to deliver today, lets walk you to the labor room (pushed on a wheel chair was what she mean…malu nya naik wheel chair) and i’ll pop you water bag in a short while.. that will help you dilate faster.’

But, on the way to the labor room – (yeah.. again) – I felt a water gush from in me.. ‘What’s that? I’m wet.. I’m leaking… ‘ The nurse told my doctor that I’ve broke my water bag. I panicked, never had this before.. ‘Its ok, thats a good sign, you wont be long’, my doc says.. then telling the nurses to prepare me and she’ll be back in 40 minutes.

MY sister was then chased out of the labor room, no sisters allowed, they told her.. (haiyaa.. just teld them you’re my mtoher laa) I was changed to the blue hospital dress, and the ‘prepared’ me.. well.. err.. you know.. for the birth. And then my husband came in, back after registering and everything. Telling me my sister is waiting outside. She wasnt there when i delivered Zahraa, so this was like a first time to her…

12.00 noon – the pain was so obvious. Oh.. very very painful.. its different this time.. I keep on breathing.. trying to practice those breathing technique – from the book Adriana lend me, just add those doa at that time I exhale – a technique I invented myself.. hahahahha… I asked for the painkiller this time and they shot my butt.. but that seems nothing.. arggh nothing at all!!! (masa Zahraa sempat tgk tv nak tunggu dilate)

12.30 pm – I was shaking .. shivering.. and all of them u name it.. but this time I wasnt complaining that much compared to Zahraa’s time, even though it is more painful. I just tried to take in everything, relieve them with doa and breathe.. I was checked and told I am 8 cm – ‘this is fast’ the nurse said, I asked for the gas.. errghhh lega sket bila dapat… with the gas, i felt time moves slower now.. and I was high with it.. felt dizzy and sleeply.. my husband hold my hand and recite Quran.. I am so dizzy I dont know what verse that was. The nurse told me to called them, if I’ve feel like a passing motion coming. After sometime I let go of my husband hand, just so i can squeeze the bed frame – i need somehting stronger to hold on to, every time the pain comes.. I was shaking and shivering..

I dont know exactly what time.. but maybe 1.15, because my husband came back from Zuhur. I ring the bell.. Kenapa? my husband asked .. I said.. I think its here. Nurses came in.. asking why.. told her I’m having a passing motion feeling.. then a matron came in.. she said she thinks I am full, VE was made then ( I hated VE!!!!!!)’ Oh.. you are fully dilated dear.. you can push anytime you are ready’.. and then there goes nurses buzzles preparing whatever tools drapes and bla bla bla.. took my gas away (heeyyyyyy I want that) The doctor came in, and said ‘no need of that gas, I want you to concentrate’ I said ‘Its not coming yet.. I can feel it moving down’

In less than 2 minutes I then said ‘Ok, its here…’ Then as in most cases, or almost similar with what u see on tv… they’ll be voices of nurses and the doctor telling me to push, and how to … most that I hear comes from the matron ‘You push like u want to berak, hard like you havent berak for 3 days’ – I wnated to laugh actually.. hahahhah but that really directs me.. I didnt know how to push when I delivered Zahraa.. this time i kinda get the idea… ‘Yes, you are doing it right, just a bit more…I can see your baby coming, you can do it this time, come on.. ‘ I can hear my doc said. ‘Yes, a bit more’ But I have issues my my breathing.. I have short breath and it’s not enough to slide my baby out..

By the time my doc said ‘yes, your baby is coming, good, you’re doing very well’, suddenly I had my leg cramp! ‘My legs!! Left one.. its cramp!!!’ Nurses ran to my left side, massaging, trying to release the cramp… ‘Its ok.. relax and take your time.. and continue whenever you are ready..’ Later I hear the matron says ‘Dont we wanna help her with vacuum or something?’ (oh yess.. I can hear that dear nurse.. please do….. ) ‘No, you can do it.. you dont need help, its already halfway thru, check the baby’s heart rate. this time i want you to try do it on your own. youre doing very well’

Then this came from my mouth – ‘, its here..’ and I went all the way in one breath erggggghhhhhhhhhhhh and blab! the baby was out, and was suddenly on my belly… ‘there you go…. good job, good job’ ‘See… you’re doing well… see, your baby is just fine’ All I could say is ‘Alhamdulillahh…… ‘ and then just realize my husband is patting my shoulder and head.. ‘Tell me whats your baby’ the doc said… weak – I said .. a girl.. I had a girl… and tears of relieved came by. It was 1:51 pm.

And after that – I was given another shot-concurrent with the plasenta being pulled out. Given the gas again, and the doctor then working on – stitching me!!! Ouch ouch.. this time it was also painful! The baby was brought in for me to nurse her…but i was so high on the gas I couldnt do so….

At 2.40 pm… I was done.. The doctor told me that was a good one, fast smooth delivery (yearrighttt.. who knows how ‘smooth’ the pain was…..) and bla bla bla about my stitches, and bla bla bla something burst, open wound.. bla bla bla.. i was high.. and tired….

And that was it.. alhamdulillah, my husband then came in then told me the baby is perfect and healthy. She is 3.1 kg. Only after that I realized it was different delivering Zahraa. This time, no iv drop wire attached to me.. not even the ctg thingie.. I am actually free without being attached to anything… and not much gas as Zahraa did.. and most of all – no vacuum…

And so.. welcome lil Nasuha to the world.. thank you Allah for this opportunity – to have given birth again ..we’ve seen and felt how Great You are…


4 thoughts on “labor story

  1. aisha says:

    zura…citer ko menakutkan aku.. aku terus rasa cam nak berak dah nih..woohhh…. mcm senang tp mcm susah..sakit yg amat ker? dont answer.. siyes perut aku dah sakit nih..neway, congrats yer..and thanks for your story…take care..

  2. ZOORA says:

    hahha kalau ko ready nak tau camana.. tanya aku .. nanti aku bagitau insyallah ok.. mmg sakit.. tapi sakit tu actually kita dah biasa rasa, cuma strengh dia kuat sket la masa nak bernaak

  3. ZOORA says:

    aiza, tik tok tik tok.. heheheheheh

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