zahraa and nasuha

Zahraa seems to be more interested into Nasuha compared to the first week being intoruduced to her. she loves to touch Nasuha’s about to grow hair, her cheeks and eye lashes.. and of course..dah sampai tahap geram dia picit Nasuha! We had to watch out now..
Zahraa still does not understand of the changes having Nasuha around.. Of course she is just 2, what do I expect? We just had to remind her again and again to be gentle with adik… and that part ‘Zahraa, dont shout… adik nak nak tido’ – is never understood… hahahah so I have to deal with putting Nasuha to sleep again and again.

the challenge of having two kids – to put them both to sleep!! Sometimes both wants to sleep at the same time, some other time both scream and cry and the same time.. ( I wonder, and salute moms with twins..) some of the days Zahraa wont sleep till I settle down, and of course I cant do that till Nasuha is put to sleep.. most of the days, I cradle Nasuha in one hand, and pat Zahraa with the other.

The moment I love most – is to sleep in between these two girls, both are sleeping and i’m staring at them… alhamdulillah.. what have I done good till be blessed with these two angels. (tapi kesian.. zahrein kena cast away from the main bed… )

Their similarities – suka dipeluk.. and suka tido in our arms .. i think all babies are like that. I do know some babies just lie and sleep all day long, lucky their moms.. but in some ways, babies who sleep in mothers arms are lucky babies… oh yes, i’m tired, body ache, name it all, holding them all day long.. but in the end, I am glad and I am happy.

To my unmarried friends, and to my friends who are still waiting for an angel to cherish their marriage, I do hope and pray that one day, you’ll be blessed with a healthy child, a boy or a girl, who would turn around your world and change the true meaning of life. Just like my kids did to me.. Amin….


4 thoughts on “zahraa and nasuha

  1. laydida says:

    my DD1 nyanyi "subhanallah, walhamdulillah, walaila ha illallah, wallahu akbar" (dlm bahasa german dia okk) sambil rock her lil sis dlm infant baby carrier (kerusi). of course each time dia buat tu, kite yg seram takut dia terbuai kuat sgt ke kan..but kids these age insya-Allah senang nak ajar. kalau nak pat, suruh dia pat kat area kaki. nak pegang2, suruh gosok pipi jer. kalau kata tolong jaga baby kejap, means duduk/baring seblah baby but do nothing. "jangan" ni memanglaa diorg tak phm. and pasal jgn jerit or cakap kuat2 mmg ajar cemana pun tak jln 😛 hehehit is both challenging and fun at the same time! and stressful too kekadang LOL

  2. aisha says:

    zura, thanks for your pray..menunggu masa semoga dapat rasa apa yg ko rasa.. wahh..zahra main sep sep tom tom ker dgn nasuha? dia pernah nak angkat adik dia ak? gigit? kalu orang nak amik adik dia, dia marah ak? apapun, take care..

  3. ZOORA says:

    hmm sama la… ngan zahraa.. konon nk dodoi adik. but sehari dua ni mcm dah ada rivalry, esp bila abah dia yg pegang nasuha. dia pun nak duduk atas riba jugak. now if i'm feeding nasuha, she'll say, adik tak mau milk. and mlm tadi she sits and my place yg selalu duduk time nursing. tu je la. buat adik tu tk la. cuma dia geram je ngan adik, so picit2 je. kalau org kata nak ambik adik.. dia buat dek jer, or kata: boleh. tak faham lagi kot..

  4. suka all the pixs, comelllll..

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