save our seafood?

S.O.S – Save our Seafood – thats what i heard. Watched nasi lemak kopi o last week and this campaign was brought up. And again, Mye mentioned it in our twitter conversation – she was in Sabah at that time.
What is it? Well, it sounds like we are saving the ocean life.. yes it is.. but – the campaign is also about not to eat some species of seafood! Well, could we?

Seafood has been one of our main food source all this while, all these decades. We have been eating fish and some other seafood for the whole of our life!! And I am quite shock to know about the campaign. You could read more here. From research, it was found that ocean life species has degrade. To naturalists, it is not a shocking news. Deforestation happened, and so many species were almost gone from the earth, it could happen on earth, so, for sure it could happen in the sea rite? Its just that we dont see it coming. For these animals, we were concern because we are worried we couldnt see them anymore, grandchildren wouldnt know what a pola bear is one day.

But oceanic species.. it was corals at first, and not everyone care – because not every one dives, and we dont live in the ocean – so.. be it. But fishes??? We eat them!!! We need them!!! Dont hunt and kill tigers, ok.. we are fine with that. But didnt eat fish????? How could we??

Yes, the campaign doesnt say dont eat all types of fish, there are only some species and some are still ‘allowed’ to eat. But those ‘labelled’ as to be avoided are most common species that we were havig all these while. Those are like, siakap, kerapu, pari, terubuk etc etc. huhuhu how could i not eat siakap?? Zahraa loves them, and its the easiest to cook! (ok, lame excuse)

Here’s what to avoid from S.O.S

Recommended Think Twice Avoid
Lala clam (Peninsular Malaysia, Hand picking) Longtail shad (Malaysia, Drift gillnet) Silver pomfret (Malaysia, Trawl)
Anchovies (Malaysia, Purse-seine, Lift net) Carpet clam (Peninsular Malaysia, Dredger) Black Pomfret (Malaysia, Trawl)
Yellow banded scad (East coast PM & Sabah, Purse-seine) Sea cucumber (Malaysia, Hand-picking) Ray (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Oval squid (Peninsular Malaysia, Trap) John’s snapper (West coast PM & Sabah, Hook & line) Threadfin breams (Malaysia, Trawl)
Longfin grey mullet (Malaysia, Drift gillnet) Fourfinger threadfin (West coast PM, Bottom gillnet) Dorab wolf-herring (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Tuna (Malaysia, Purse-seine, Drift net) Flower crab (West coast PM, Bottom gillnet) Flounder (Malaysia, Trawl)
Indian mackerel (Malaysia, Purse-seine, Drift net) Red snapper (East coast PM & Sabah, Hook & line) Silver Sillago (Malaysia, Trawl)
Spanish mackerel (Malaysia, Drift gillnet, Hook & line) Banana prawn (Malaysia, Bottom gillnet) Indian squid (Malaysia, Trawl)
Hard-tail scad (Malaysia, Purse-seine, Drift net) Coral grouper (Sabah & Sarawak, Trap) Needle cuttlefish (Malaysia, Trawl)
Mangrove red snapper (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage, Pond) Seabass (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage) Mud-spiny lobster (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Humpback grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage) Tiger prawn (Peninsular Malaysia, Pond) Slipper lobster (Malaysia, Trawl)
Giant grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage) White-leg prawn (Peninsular Malaysia, Pond) Humphead wrasse (Sabah, Cynide)
Snubnose pompano (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage) Brown-marble grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage) Mantis shrimp (Malaysia, Trawl)
Blood cockle (Peninsular Malaysia, Bottom culture) Bigeye trevally (Malaysia, Trawl)
Green mussel (Peninsular Malaysia, Rack) Brownstripe red snapper (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Oysters (Peninsular Malaysia, Rack) Coral trout (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Mud crab (Peninsular Malaysia, Pond) Duskytail grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Orange-spotted grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Malabar grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Sixbar grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Trawl)
Orange-spotted grouper (Peninsular Malaysia, Cage)

The gradation of fish, and ocean species are mostly caused by those greedy modern fisherman. Bot tunda, and those method that uses explosives to get fish are the main culprit – and we are the victim now.

I am not sure yet whether to support this campaign. They say, we should do this for 2 years, till the species bundled up again. How do we know??? We need fish!! Or at least I need those siakap!! Believe me, the prices of these fish will be doubled up after this. (naik harga lagik???)


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