its over

Confinement finally over!!! Pejam celik haa?? dah abis dah? Well, it seems like yesterday! so many things i havent accomplish! EBM not that much yet, bottle training was not going well, I havent done any thing to the house e.g arranging books on those racks, fixing buttons yada, yada, yada….

Luckily I have applied for the additional one month leave. Or else i’ll be entering the office unprepared.

But, the good news is.. I got thru post partum!! Hah! Good bye postpartum!! I win!! U lose!! I dont end up being a wacko, alhamdulillah… and I am now so in love with Nasuha, and the whole family.

Things were new for all of us.. but it seems making us all happy in the end. Hope this stays, this feeling stays.

So, for now-i have to work-to get back to the office.

and what is that???

1. Pump more
2. Bottle training
3. Prepare her things to the nursery
4. Register with the nursery
5. Get clothes – all mine now dont suit for breastfeeding

Oh bonus… please come.. :((


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