burt’s bee

It is new? nope.. not really. Came accross this in someones’ magazine last year, but never gave attention. Till one day it clicks me that i NEED to at last repair my badly dry lips. So had a visit to Burts Bee, The Curve. (kat mana? near Borders… hujung2 tu dah,never been there before too)

I’m intrigued to buy the lip balm, as it said it was made from bee wax.. cool rite? So interesting that everything was made from bee wax,honey,royal jelly,flowers that bees sip on, and other natural ingredients. I end up buying the Radiance facial cleanser, Ageless day moisteriser (and being a member) and a lip shimmer. Lip Shimmer is kinda a lip balm too, but with a sheer color…thats kinda cool for me, as i never been good using any lipstik,due to my chapped lips. Supposely a muslim should venture this..as it was already mentioned in the Quran about An Nahl-the bees. Its a great idea venturing bee into cosmetic product, rite? (like those in Langkawi buat kosmetik from gamat, like the idea)

I love the cleanser! Love the lip shimmer! The moisterizer.. i still cant tell yet. Of course it made my skin better, smaller pores, less dry.. but sometimes a bit oily for my face-still adjusting (or i just shud get that radiance range ones)

And a plus, they are the Greenest product award winner!! Number one, dude!! thats cool to know ( i knew this from their website, so feel free to click or google – and google is at number 5 by the way :d )

so.. feel free to try!!!!


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