i am back

… to work, yes. The first day.. ermmm rasa mcm staff baru plak, withtout the fact that every one already know me. Siap ada jamuan chinese new year untuk menyambut diriku pulang. Work-well, have not taken over yet the old job. Had got new jobs yesterdy tho.

I kept thinking about Nasuha. She was said, to have been crying at the nursery. 2nd day was worst, she was not taking her bottle, therefore she cant sleep, due to hunger maybe. Kesian kan… yesterday was better. I hope today she’ll improve.. hmm who knows.. Nasuha is not like Zahraa. Her mood swings,while Zahraa is a happy kid (with injection on tantrum that came by since last week)

I miss lil Nasuha and all the times spent with her. Never had I regret having that unpaid leave, yet it might be the best decision I made.

I am tired tho, running around here and there. Lari pergi nursey, lari back to the office, lari pergi makan, then keje, then lari pi pam susu, then lari pi keje lagi, visit Nasuha at the nursery by noon, then makan kejap then kerja, lari pi surau, lari kerja, lari pi pam lari, keje pulak.. lari balik… well.. kalau bos panggil .. lari lagi phewwww

And after works, there’s other issue, cooking, cleaning, cleaning Nasuha bottles, those pumps, put out laundry,read to zahraa..put those 2 girls to sleep… phewww again. We all slept early nowdays. As I have to gain back my energy for the next day.. or to get up at any time – just like today: Nasuha wakes up at 3.50 and sleeps at 5.30 ..whoaaa… and now its almost subuh and i’m quite tired with lack of sleep.

hmm not complaining tho.. I know-semua ada ganjaran, and semua untuk kebaikan anak kan.. insyallah… may Allah bless my kids.


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