alexa neck inner

Lately muslimah fashion had made a huge leap. Almost 3 years tudung awning conquer the arena…(after bawal being on top of the throne for a longgggg time)

Its the time of shawl ans pashmina. Fesyen tudung letak letak aje,some ppl say. The good thing about shAwl that i love is it could fit anytime. Casual. Formal. Smart. And it could be wear and adjusted so it cover the chest right.

But im not gonna write about all the how to’s of shawl. Dah banyak blog ada. Just google. I just wanna share about inner.

Remembet the style i mentioned letak letak je?? Well its all begin by hana tajima. The japanese british fashion designer made a burst in the muslim fashion industry. But such
Style and shawl yg jarang tu would reveal ur neck rite? Hana tajima came out with snood. A cool creative invention i think.

But its expensive i think. Luckily later i found alexa neck inner from sugarscarf. I heart it!!!!! Love the fabric n cutting. Wearing it is so comfortable. Tak terasa mcm pakai inner. At least semua org kena ada satu. I use it for
Swimming too. Go get one.


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