the obedient wives club

Have u read the paper last weekend? About the launch on this club called The Obedient Wives Club??? Arrr!! Geram

It was said that this club was set, to promote wives to be better wives… So that their husbands wont be socially ill. And it was said that ‘banyak berlaku cerai berai sbb wives tak pandai jaga, so husband carik lain’ ????

What??? Has this been crazy?? I realy want to see those statistics or whatever report that lead toward this conclusion!

Its such a not fair excuse!! Women today made a lot of sacrifice, jaga anak, jaga rumah and helped financially! Easily blame women huh???

I am not blaming who and who… But this sounds like bias. I’d be glad if there is a campaign for husbands too, which i think sgt sgt sgt perlu..

Kempen ketua rumahtangga
Kempen mari jadi imam
Kempen mari sayang isteri
Kempen my wife is the prettiest in the world
Kempen mendidik keluarga


I really hope there is more love and respect in the world.. And less divorce


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