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Zahraa is now 3 years and 5 months. A cheeky,funny,sweet girl. Some would say that she’s kinda of hyper too..but i think all kids her age are.

Zahraa now can play well with new friends..and she’s quite friendly among strangers. She eats well too, i’d say for now she eats anything on the table.

She colours better now, showing she now had better control with her hands. Joining dots is easy for her now. The only issue is sometimes she is very lazy.

She can tell stories now,can create stories from pictures. The most significant behavior-she wants to so things on her own.

She plays n communicate well with nasuha, never tried to hurt nasuha,yet always willing help. She’s not the kind of kid that is amused with babies-yet she is always looking out if nasuha is in danger.

Most of all, she is so lovely!!!

Zahraa grew up too fast,i think. Just too fast


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