midnight sun

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I did not know about this book till @itolee told me about it. Its another twillight book, by stephenie meyer, a draft still. Said it was stolen and been spread around through the net. It was suppose to be published this year. But somehow, stephenie didnt finish it,sulked at those who stole it from her.

Poor her,its not a suprise anymore. But who had the access to het stuff? Surely she did not wrote it online rite? For sure its in her lappy? Or was it the publisher,its her intro by the way. Or was it her herself?? Its totally an awesome idea if she did!!

Because it was great!! And it was a brilliant idea of her, to wrote a same story, but from edward cullens perspective!! Awesome stephenie!! I am so sure if she ever publish this,of course finish it first, its gonna be a boom!!! Eventho had read it thru pdf, i will surely get a copy!!

Stephenie does not have a fan mail or facebook. She had a website, without allowing comments from fans. I am not sure i got her correct twitter. I am sure so many would like to tell her the same thing.

Please stephenie, we want midnight sun!!


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