Nasuha is 9 months!!

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Mashallah…time flies so fast!! When it was zahraa’s time, i could count each week!! But for nasuha, its suddenly 9 months!

Tak puas la….she grew too fast… I still want that masam lil baby!! (without the crankiness of course)

Nasuha has been a good baby..of course there were times of ‘buat hal’ but she actualky had been very very very good.

She now had two lil cute teeth, used to abuse mommy. She now tries to walk oh her own…holding to the perimeter,every where she is. She eats almost anything- i dont know what her favorite is. I think siakap steam it is.

She calls mamamamam and bababababah. Bables a lot-and grumps a lot. She is friendly to everybody even to strangers. She loves outing and behave well everytime we did.

Nasuha is still being breastfed, but has been reverse cycling for a month. That means she drinks less in the day and when i’m not around. She doesnt nurse in public too

Nasuha is now7.5kg.. Looking small but she is actually quite tall. We hope she’d grew healthy, soleh and clever. Alhamdulillah she did bring so much joy into our family, a great gift she is!


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