Pimp the handbag

I have a new crossbody handbag. And its white!! I never had or rarely have white in my wardrobe so this time around i panicked!! Lols!! Thot the bag is too plain white

(surely its not plain, i know…over reacted)

(not realy fancy the gold chain tho) but the bag is so cute to carry and comfy too. Just the right size i want with the price i can afford-let say for the moment. Hahahahah ( i promise will do some saving to get what i want)

So here is: i want to decorate the bag. As shaferlicious said; as in renovation, lols

I was thinking scarf; but scarf maybe too big for it … Unless a soft silky chiffon scarf ( oh please not gucci or lv scarf ok)

I wish i could find pretty handbag charm (thats too common)

I am targetting pearls!! I love pearls!! Or somekind of hangin embelishment or pendant!!

Pearl mcm ni cute kan?

Silky chiffon. So nice this salmin color. I likeeee

And this is so cool! Glass tile pendant???? How nice

Hmm we’ll see what u can get. Hmm tetiba rasa nak pergi the curve fleamarket. Lols

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