Zahraa turns 4

Last february zahraa turns 4!!!!! time flies, huh? She seems a happy active and clever liltle toddler. Ohhhh how i miss the old times, but at the same time, i am also enjoying she’s being 4. She is absolutely a wonderful lil daughter, she is a gift from Allah….with her, i’d say it had washed away my sorrow.
Well, she was 4 last february, and we did have some small celebration to suprise her. She never really had a birthday, and the only birthday party she attended was her cousin’s sarahs’ birthday. She had never been in the middle of attention being a birthday girl.
So last february we suprised her. Gathering close family (we miss uncle deen and mak long’s family by the way) prepared some lunch and a cake.
The fact that we suprised her, suprised me instead!! She was soooo suprise, so blewn away, so happy, all glits on her rounded lil face!! She was happy!!! And at that part she says, thank you everyone!-threw me out of the world!!! And her face when she saw her rainbow cake! Oh she was sooo suprise and happy.
It was such a blessing. I am so grateful we have Zahraa. Of course the birthday suprise was my present to her, but in our hearts…we’ll try all our best, to give her the best that we could afford to.





oh.. the awesome and soooo yummy rainbow case is from That Last Slice


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