Telekung from youngkhalifah

Just bought a telekung for zahraa frim We are lucky to see the telekung irl before buying them, during Azya bazzar.
There were many colors to choose from, and this is what zahraa choose

The material is good, love the quality. And i could say the workmanship is awesome, its worth the price i guess.

I love the design, color combo and most important part, that face part!! Its nicely fit her face. If course i hv to alter the size but u could see it from this pic.

Its the amanah of a parent to teach their kids about Islam, Allah and what all those means. At this young age, we beleive that we could teach them Islam as a way of life, we are trying, insyallah. May Allah bless our intention.

Teaching of Islam is never too early, neither too late too.





One thought on “Telekung from youngkhalifah

  1. mye says:

    Masyaallah Zahraa!! :)))

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