shawl again

since been a while i style up some tudungs or shawl. and been a while since shawl-shopping-fever too till recently my sil gave me two pretty shawls! Jadik rajin plak

today i’m wearing my Zawaya shawl from Pink Petite Couture, this is my favorite shawl, been abusing it for a while, but never tried to wear it this way. This is a shimmering chiffon shawl, love it for its thickness and weight, all just nice to create a nice flowy scallop. Comfy to wear, easy to style up. cewahhh racun baikkk punya ek

today there’s a lotttt of fashion of hijabs, its good.. something good to promote hijab wearing. pakailah macam mana pun hijab style that you all favor, but, just as reminder to myself, and all of you..dont neglect the fact that there is a correct way to wear hijab, a guidelines that should be followed, okayyy?


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