Snack box/lunch box

Since zahraa started schooling this February, making her breakfast and pack some snack has been added to my morning. I have got not enough time for great stuffs like bento, i just prepared some cute lunch boxes to suprise her everyday. I got ours from daiso, and so far it has amuse zahraa..she’ll come back from school and say, mom, hari ni bekas bear!! Mom, hari ni square pink!!!

i am not that creative, and zahraa’s favorite is always been chicken or egg. She had fried chicken wings, chicken nuggets (soo lameee), fried noodle or rice, scrambled eggs, square lockers wafers, french toast or pasta. Oh! Pernah bawak roti canai jugak!!!!!

So-now-i am running out of idea..she seems not impressed anymore. All i do is the same thing again, cut in different shapes. Sigh!

Kinderkaboodle gave some tips to prepare food for toddlers

Basic tips

  • Provide healthy food and drinks in realistic quantities. Kids will not eat more at school than they do at home, plus they’ll be eager to finish eating quickly so they have time to play with their friends!
  • Pre-packed individual servings are convenient but rather expensive. To save money, buy in bulk and fill small sealable plastic bags or reusable containers for crackers or dips etc.
  • Use leftovers – if they liked it the night before odds are they’ll love it the next day for lunch, even if it’s cold!
  • Ensure your child can open and unwrap their lunch. Plastic wrappers can be very difficult for young children to undo.
  • Although many schools now have a fridge for storing lunch boxes – a refreezable ice pack, frozen water bottle or frozen fruit juice tetra-pack enables you to pack your child’s lunch with perishables such as pasta salad, eggs, meat sandwiches and yoghurt etc.
  • Let your children have some say when it comes to packing their lunches, however even fussy eaters should be given a variety of different, bite-sized foods (along with a couple of their favourites so you know they won’t go hungry). Kids are much more likely to eat new foods when mum’s not watching and when they are surrounded by other children eating.
  • Finally, to ease the chaos of the mad rush out the door in the morning, try making the school lunches the night before! (Speaking from experience, it definitely makes for a happier and less stressed mummy in the mornings!)

Any ideas what to prepare for zahraa? Do leave some notes for me..thanks




these arent my bentos..just random pics from google

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