Komtar Concourse

it was a longgggg paussed project. it was first started by my colleague, who left and I had to take over, and redesign for tender purpose. mula-mula takuttnyaaa nak buat ID komtar, but in the end, i did! Even tho it was such a (heartacheheadache) experience, I am glad its finish, and had a lot of positive comments on it. and a lt to learn from too. Hope I could do better next time. And seronok jugak my ex-boss got to see this completed



these are the panaromic view, of how it was beforeImage

Thats the feature wall, it was simple. I had fun with the material and deciding details, our drafting assistants are happy to see this too, even something goes wrong with the lighting, i think they came out alright. And the tiling-i made a hell to the tilers!! its a random tile concept, custom, the glossy tiles had to be cut to the size i wanted..and i made them count the location to insert the glossy tiles, sorry Nepalese. Some asked me, why dont i use gloss tiles as this is considered commercial area (of course i’d say, suka aku la aku nak apa..lols) the thing is-glossy tiles are’nt actually long lasting!! For heavy traffic spaces, glossy tiles would scratch, and would leave ugly marks. And i dont want to be sued too! if any lady would fall in the mid of the concourse area






this is the lift lobby, famous lif lobyy nih..hehehehh it’s the lift for Komtar tower


these are pictures when its about to done. if i have time, next time i’ll post the pic masa public dah start guna.. gonna be different with all the colors of Penangites

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3 thoughts on “Komtar Concourse

  1. mye says:

    wow!! ceria! i like *thumbsup*

    • zurahanim says:

      tq mye! it was said to be a gloomy introvert. Dato Gm said dia nak clean and refreshing space. so here it is.. hoping to achieve the main intention

  2. nuyu says:

    suka. one day rumah ko pun akan glam begini 🙂

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