Self evaluation

Wowww something that i never did!!! So now we have new bosses, new admin. katanya nak re-branding the company, spread the wing, be more like private consultants rather than more like government (i’m in a state owned subsidiary consultancy) so katanya gaji pun nak jadikan more like private??? (adakah rentetan dari blog politik about gaji bos baru sgt mahal??)

I dont mind evaluating, listing all works i done, listing all abilities i have, which i think well known by the company-shud be- unless i’d like to declare i’m super fast or super brainy or super cool – Part markings pun easy, just refer to my job scope and what i’ve done, and feedbacks from clients and contractors.

Paling susah-column expected salary-and a whole page of huge text box to write reasons why i am expecting that. Oh mannnnnnnn … Why oh why.. Letak banyak nanti,banyak pulak dia kerjakan aku.. Tak letak,ni la je only peluang revise gaji since 6 years.

I hope i write right. I hope ada rezeki untuk kami sekeluarga. I hope this new admin just my life for better. I am wishing for happiness and health





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