Breastfeeding journey

It has been 20 months. Alhamdulillah what an experience. Hanya Allah je yang tahu what has we mothers gone thru.
Most people wouls say, ‘syoknya anak minum susu free, jimat duit suami’ or ‘senang ek susu badan, tak payah la bangun tengah malam bancuh susu’ or even ‘senangnya tak payah bawak bekal, selak je ek’
What that they do not know that it is not easy at all. All the hours of nursing, all the pain and uneasiness, limit of working hours, limitation of what we wear, tense and stresses, restless nights and many more that all moms could list.

No one understand this better than Allah. Thats why pahalanya banyak, and why a nursing moms are raised up on a higher level to be special.

And knowing this, we are all still here. Still feeding our babies whos turning into todds.

I dont really mind all those, cause they are all expected, fully aware and i am ready for those.
I now have a dilema. Dilema tersepit like right now. My lil todd seems sick, and needs her meds. But i am stuck, cant move,nursing of course. Felt so helpless!! Kesian my elder daughter who needs attention now (selalu sangat-nanti kejap ya adik minum susu) but gosh she is now sick. Kesian

I bet maybe some other mom face this too??

Right now-mission to be the number one mom-fail


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding journey

  1. nuyu says:

    Their dad should be in this picture.

  2. Farra says:

    Ye zura, i have and now facing that situation. Since I’m full time at Home. Bila kakak nak ke toilet pun terpaksa stop bf adik. Sb kene bawa ke toilet. Toilet Kg nie besar n not toddler friendly. Takut plak kemalangan. Kalau sakit lagi la… Kakak merengek… Adik pun nak nangis… 🙂 that’s why pahalanya byk… Gambate!

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