Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang

The name is Jambatan Kedua (takde nama khas lain-setakat ini) Maybe some of you did not know, or aware about it, but Penang, second bridge has started its construction since November 2008 and its expected to complete by November 2013. I had a chance to join the site visit and all i could say, its quite amazing..i glad i did join the rombongan Cik Kiah.

Develoment of Jambatan Kedua involves 24km long, inclusive of the bridge, and the expressway. The whole project includes 16.9 marine bridge with 475m cable stayed bridge, (that is double the length on Jambatan Pulau Pinang and its going to be the longest in Southeast Asia), 7.1 km on land expressway, 3 interchanges (exits yang bentuk2 tu, bunga cengkih la, trompet la as such) intergrated toll system, ad rest and service area.

16.9 marine bridge with 475m cable stayed bridge – that means, there is 475m length that is supported by cable, and the rest by its own pillar.

There’s 6 packages of construction and all been phased for different contractors. But the main works are for the bridge itself, also been divided into 2 different package. Different contractor built the main navigation span and substructure and foundation, which is the foundation works, piling, piers, while another contractor would be constructing the superstructure works of approach span -thats is the above part-the roadworks etc.

so, meaning someone else will to the piers, brigde itself, expressway, intersection and even the toll.

Oh yeah.. nearly forgot – The connection of this bridge is from Batu Kawan to Teluk Kumbar (both are now developing areas, possible place to get assets)

The construction of this bridge, is not like those we have built some time ago – foundation, pillars, beam, slab and road above. It now involves construction of piers, and the span of the bridge were created by segmented box girders. These girders are precast on land, and they were casted one by one, to make sure it is connected to other in a sequence with a perfect match!! after the construction of the piers, the segmented girders will be arranged to form a span, then will b stitched to each other by some kind of special glue! yup, they call it stitching.

This, is the one the called, the pier.. actually its a beautiful sight, seeing towards Penang Island.

segmented box girders, arranged and to be stitched

These are the segmented box girders. Yup, sama macam buat highways. Actually they said, the system is quite the same, just above water! Those barge, in orange color, carries the girders from land, where they precasted them. then it is hanged, at those horizontal members, arranged, later to be jointed! the precast of the girders, were’nt made as in factory, banyak sekali cast. they cast them in sequence, to make sure on site every member joints!!!! hebat kan? yaaa..sila tepuk tangan

completed platform

Taraaa…these are the completed platform!

underneath the bridge! awesome!

usually, to take impact, load were pun on something like absorber, and to allow movement, something that works like a ball bearing. But here, they uses rubber!! Malaysian technology yo! Reka cipta sainstis di Rubber Research Malaysia! Proud!

Here we are! the mid, or the crossing over, or the median span. Its a requirement to provide 30m height clearance for boats and ships to pass through. This is not at the middle of the bridge tho, its nearer to Penang Island, 5km form Teluk Kumbar exit. (sebab? oo this is the deepest channel, waterway that allow ships to go through, other area is not deep enough) This is the main element of the bridge, a stayed cable bridge. Design is the same as the current Penang Bridge, difference is at the cable. currently, cables are attached to the piers, but at Jambatan Kedua, it goes through the pier! So it could allow movement, if the bridge sways.

i think that is cool

on the barge

During my visit, 13 floor is complete, 11 floor to go. this is the barge, platform where the workers do their thing. Cement is also mixed here! steel bended, etc. (workers are all professional labor from China)

in the middle of the sea

Towards Teluk Kumbar exit. These are piles at these portion, different design and method. Those piles are un cut yet, they will, and will carry a platform of the expressway.

I have too many pictures, couldnt share it all. Anything, just ask, U know how. wink


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