Datum kl 2012

This is an -auto-written-in-my-diary event, every year. Today is my first day of GBI Forum

Today, its something ew:

1. I am alone, no Mye today..owh how i miss her

2. I amhere early..like really early. there were only the ushers of KLCC saying good morning. Okaay. over la tu..those people by the register counter is here too

3. I am blogging from the free net access pc for KLCC guests. yayyyy (well, that shows seriously takde orang okay…and i get to use this, bangga tau)

4. I am like the first person to use the loo (lols but yay too)


now i sounds weird..hahahah

ok, whats GBI – Green Building Index. I am so want to know what will be discussed this year. When GBI was started to launch 2 years abck, there is a lot to disuss and promote, and new ideas. Last year they presented the comemncement, plans of new green cities. Should today, we’ll see the reality? and more building were certified? will let you know


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