So, it ended yesterday. And I had a great time. Sometimes, I did think not all shared during conference would relate to my works. However, they sure are refreshing. Once a year conference like this, would be amazing, to refresh ideas, and most important remind me of who I am, and why I am an architect

The experienced shared here by these international architects are priceless, it could be the only chance of a lifetime for us to got to meet them and have a glimpse of their work.

Hope I will come back again, next year, tho I am quite sure it will be different.


For these time around, the theme is Roots, and We Are Now is the tagline. Presentations and projects chosen based on all those modern architects that reflects traditional architecture, or in other words, the ‘now’ of the architecture that has evolve from certain roots. I love this theme.And how some of these architects presented their definitions of ‘roots’ (but i am so sure some looks like gebang je roots nih kan)

ooooo lupa nak cerita

As usual, I registered for GBF-The Green Building Forum (boring sket this year) and usually would skip KLDF to save my office’s money (well, they never knew how much I care) BUT it seems to be such a luck for me, Alhamdulillah, but my tag printed says KLDF! means i can enter that conference too!!!!

And I am sooo glad I could join.. it was great! the KLDF! all speakers are fun (oh except for that Japanese guy) and the designs were awesome!!!! So next year i’ll change, I’ll go KLDF instead of GBI then

I love that pakcik Inch Lim!!! Hebat!! And he got Gold Medal for a landscape competition in Japan, that have a story line of the Tsunami, so touching yet so cool.



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