how to wear my shawl

i came across some friends that requested for a tutorial – of how i wear my shawl.

so, i am trying this out – dont laugh at me okay, first time recording myself and i knew nothing about video editing, so please excuse the background too

This is the shawl style i love to wear for now, tak rasa tercekik, cukup labuh depan dan belakang, and added value-rasa mcm stylo! lols

hope this tute helps


<p><a href=”″>how to wear y shawl</a> from <a href=”″>zurahanim</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



2 thoughts on “how to wear my shawl

  1. Mye says:

    Oooo, ko pin kat bawah dagu eh. Aku skarang avoid pin bwh dagu sbb bila makan(mengunyah) pin tu beralih. Apapun, style ni works on all shawl ke? Nampak mcm kalau shawl yg lembik2 mcm cotton & georgette chiffon murahan aku mcm takkan hold to the muncung kat dahi tu je…huhu

    • zurahanim says:

      kepala aku kecik, so pin belakang kepala never works, so aku pin bawah dagu, more secure pun kalau nak pakai helmet kat site. maybe bleh adjust ikut ko selesa, pin kiri kanan pipi instead of dagu, boleh jugak.
      some tudung bole mcm ni, chiffon kat radiusite boleh, cotton shawl tak boleh. but the this same style, ada aku pakai, but with inner, so placement shawl tu setback je la sket, cara lain sama ada. will include pic nanti.
      Tq for watching!

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