takaharu tezuka the japanese architect

My notes during Datum usually doesnt begin with names, because i cant remember their names. Lols. (saoer suruh letak nama susah)

so it goes like;

The lady architect rambut cantik

The indian architect in red turban

The malaysian architect

The spanish duo


The Japanese guy


This year there is more than one Japanese guy!!!! I was suprise! And this year there is this only Japanese architect who doesnt need a translator (oh, Japanese architect session has been always the session i went zzzz)

And he is totally awesome!!!!

Remember this name TAKAHARU TEZUKA from Tezuka Architects, that was formed together with his wife, YUI TEZUKA. in fact, i think, the whole family makes the firm 😀

Sebabnya, when he presents he would always, mention his wife and two kids. That is sooo sweet. He thinks of his design – what would his daughter love, what would his wife love.

He is funny, and entertaining, and creative! He doesnt present weird shaped-alien-invention design or anything like that, he made simple, yet perfect, technically and very much reflects waht a user wants

His famous work was the roof house, and Fuji Kindergarten. Both evolve from ideas of roof.

The roof house


Fuji Kindy


This is such an awesoem school. the best part is, the principal, which is the client is so open minded and accept the creative idea of a child development being development into its building design. Tezuka was honoured thru this design, as the Best School Design by Unesco. Cool huh. (if i am a kid in Japan, i would dieeeee wnating to be a fuji kindy kid!)

Playground around the tree


Another circular design

Hakone Pavilion


This is awesome too! handwoven tau!!! The concept is derived from forest canopy, and its basically a playground in the middle of the pavilion.

All designs shows how Tezuka loves kids!


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  1. mye says:

    love love!!!!!

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