Breaking Dawn – Part 2 – Forever

Its time for awwwwwwww and arrrrrrrr again 😀

A sneak preview has been made during Comic Sans last night, and suddenly I am eaaagerrrr to watch the movie! Luckily I know how it ends, but still, i want to see Renesmee. I am so sure this part will be all about Renesmee..

Ok, I know some of my frens havent read the book.. so i am not going to spoil anything. so lets just wait and predict okay


FOREVER – Guling guling guling guling

I have always try to imagine how would Renesmee actually be around the Jacob the wolf.. Dont you think this picture seems not that real?Computer edited for sure, i wonder how would in look in the movie

Awesome poster..awwwww look at that.. all 4 instead of 3. but why Wild Child?

argggh ..alwas, always, I tried to imagine how does other vampire look like.. it was said they are all beautiful, but are they really as prety as the Culllens.. well I assume these two are the Amazons… I think they look like Avatar people.. what do the called? Avra? Whatever la.. I think u know what i mean

Awwwwwwww time to guling guling guling guling

Yikess… this could not be approved

I just HAVE TO include this.. Ashley Green/Alice is sooooooooooo prettttttyyyyyyy

She would steal the world, for sure..this cute lil girl. I think she’ll walk into fame even before the till then.. lets wait till December


Breaking Dawn Part 2





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