Happy birthday to me and Brave 3D

Happy birthday to me!!! Alhamdulillah i turned 32 yesterday!!! I hope Allah would bless to all my frens and family that wishes and sent prayers for me.

Usually my birthday stories would lingers around Harry Potter-apa kaitan-Harry Potter’s books and movies were out in July. So on my birthdays years back, my husband would get me HP books. Last year, he took me on a movie date, for the last of Harry potter.

So this year-errrr-none of HP anymore. Instead i took Zahraa to a movie date!!!!

We had a blast watching Brave in 3D. Well, seems like Zahraa cried at cinema too-just like her mom. A daughter n mom time together is just a perfect birthday for me.



Oh, yes…she closed her ears at the moment ads were played. Zahraa memang tak suka loud music or any kind of loudness (except for her own scream). Luckily when Brave started she seems ok

Review of Brave
I dont even know what its all about besides of a story of a brave princess. Its actually a story of a mother and daughter! What a perfect choice for us!
Its a story about Merida, a young princess who was told to get marry. She is angry with as her mom as it seems to her that her mom has planned her fate, and never been given choice what to do in life.
Merida met a witch and ask for a spell to change her mom, which she hope could change her fate. But it happens to be her mom changed into a bear!!!
So the story was about how Merida step up brave to make things right again, and be responsible of what she had done wrong.

Review of 3D
Sangat jakun. Its the first time i get to watch a 3D movie. Before the movie starts, GSC played an animation movie, a short one.
2 things i was thinking at that time. First, this is such a waste of time. Please start before my girl gets grumpy. And second, eyewew this 3D thingie makes me dizzy. Rasa macam nak muntah.
Then only i understood that those intros were shown for us to tune our eyes for the 3D movie. Well, it works.
It was great. The best part to see in 3D was the rain, trees moving, and merida’s hair!!
However, i think for this movie, 3D is unnecessary. A 2D would be enough, the animation is already beautiful.




And oh ya. Boleh pulak queen elinor ni main dengan merida sebijik macam i played with Zahraa. That makes her lagiii la excited


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