Where is Allah, mom?

I just had to blog this. As i didnt see this coming.

I was nursing nasuha, when zahraa my 4 yo came running into the bedroom.

Mama, i’m sooo scared. Yaya is only one-there’s no one kat luar, mama kat sini, yaya takut

So i said, dont be scared darling. Allah kan ada, Allah jaga Zahraa. Allah kan sayangggg zahraa.

And she goes;
Mana? Mana? Mana Allah?? Tak nampak pun.

At that moment i was like-errrrr-i havent prepared myself about question like this one!!!!! I kept making answers and i said;

Allah is always with u, in your heart? Then she look inside her shirt and ask again, here? Where?

Oh mannnnn. What have i done. I am not thinking would i be making thing worst when at last i said; Allah can see u, but u cannot see Allah. And zahraa goes;
Eeeiiiiii takut nyaaaa. And she ducks underneath her blankets. For a while.

I have never thought that i need to answer something like this. We taught her who Allah is, the shahadah, what did Allah do for her and stuffs like that. But not-where.

So i googled. This mom did great with her son, such a clever boy she had

These page make sense too. But it is so difficult ti understand, and was delivered heavily.

If you have any great idea of how would i have answer where is Allah to my 4 yo, please do drop a comment. Tq

Picture is from confessionofamuslimmom



One thought on “Where is Allah, mom?

  1. Nuyu says:

    Tell her Allah is everywhere.

    Tanya Zahraa, “MANA ZAHRAA??” then point to her chest. “Ini Zahraa”. then point to her hand. “Ini Zahraa juga”. Then point to her cheek. “Ini Zahraa”. Then point to her other parts of the body. “Ini semua Zahraa.”

    Sama juga macam Allah. Dia ada di semua tempat. Kita tak nampak Dia tapi kita nampak kuasa Dia. Maknanya, Dia ada kat sini.
    Siapa yang buat mata Zahraa berkelip? Siapa yang buat rambut Zahraa tumbuh? Siapa yang buat angin bertiup? Siapa yang turunkan hujan?

    sila elaborate lebih lanjut gunakan imaginasi. it is hard to write it down. *failed*
    it is easier to explain.
    I manage to teach my sons the concept of Allah this way.
    Thanks to Kak Faeeza Fadel. Our senior.

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