Shawlism by Zura

I’d like to introduce my own shawl series, Shawlism by Zura.. This is due to my passion towards wearing shawl as my hijab style.

Shawlism might be just among hundreds of shawl selling online. But the difference is, that i put myself a lot into it, considering what I really want in a shawl.

Therefore, Shawlism was made from these size:

Approx : 2m x 0.48m – This is enough to cover perfect front and back and anything else u want tu cover ehem ehem, with allowance for styling

Shape: Rectangle, or rounded end rectangle or can i say, oblong (#teamoblongburger)

The materials are chose personally, I love materials which are really2 soft, but have certain weight to fall and drape down, and comfortable to wear as your head gear (kes rimas kepala kena balut). The materials are also non-see through so you do not need any neck inner, and the thickness made possible for the shawl to be wear even without any inner at all!!

There’ll be more to come insyallah.. Thank you for supports, and I do appreciate feed backs.


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