Shawlism By Zura 0.1

These are available patterns for now, as an introduction of Shawlism by Zura


Pattern 1 RM 38 – last piece booked


Pattern 2 RM 38 – Sold out, thanks


Pattern 3 RM 38 – sold out!! Thank u


Pattern 4 RM 38 – Sold out, thank you


Pattern 6 RM 38 – Sold out!


Pattern 7 – Sold Out!

These are available items as an introduction from Shawlism. Material are Italian crepe silk. If feels more as silk, but not thin and too light as normal silks do. The are all washable. Sold out items are restock-able, just ask me about it.

Contact me through : zurahanimatgmaildotcom


2 thoughts on “Shawlism By Zura 0.1

  1. adzlin says:

    bila dah restock no. 4 let me know ok. thanx

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