Snow White and The Huntsman


This is my review
Just watched this last week, and all i can say is I love it!!!!!
I have always love epic adventure, and when they make snow white as one, i think its a brilliant idea!


It begins with this scene in the snow, the setting, color, costume here is such a great intro. Its just lock me in. I love the way how they showed snow white growing up, a rendition of a pure heart princess in another world which is not a fairy tale.

The Queen, goshhh Chalize (its kinda bias you know, this movies lined up all my fav actres) she is soooo good. And soooo beautiful too. In fact i think she is too beautiful for a cruel queen in this story. Of course she did a good job being a queen-witch, but her face doesnt really scream ou-i’ll eat your heart out. Ad she is so so much more beautiful than fairest of them all Kristen Stewart.



So the whole idea is about Snow White, who rans off for her freedom, and only realize that her kingdom is dying, then get to understand she is the only that could destroy the Queen. She was saved by a Huntsman, here comes the hero… (Who loves handy weapon, eh????) oh, of course thre’s the prince too, whom i think is too jambu. The director did tried to make him look heroic, with that few seconds of arrow shooting scenes but its not enough for me. Still think he’s not hero type enough.

The Huntsman became protector of Snow White, and teaches her to defend. They meet the dwarfs…they sure are the important characters in snow white. Snow White adventure is to get to the Duke, she needs an army to help her get their kingdom back. But thru the journey…the apple incident happen! Owwhhh i love this part. Its so clever, that i dont realize that it s the queen, who had changed herself into william, the prince. The apple has been introduce earlier, when Snow and William was young. Writer makes it logic for the princess to pick up the apple easily! Of course there’s no- dont take things from stranger- here.



And Snow White fall, died. But theres no glass casket made by the dwarfs. The prince is already there all along. But…but!!!! Snow White did not wakes up when he kiss her!!! April fool everyone?!!!!!
This is where the writer makes their own rendition. Back in the castle of Duke Hammond, its the Huntsman who had kissed her and brings her back to life. And its great to see Chris Hemsworth smile, hehehe.

Then Snow White raised and call for fight. The movie makes Snow White such heroic princess.. People get dazzled with her beauty, and get sink in her words. She was just an awe to everyone. The ending is awesome, some war towards the Queen. In the end Snow White gets her throne back… But without a prince! SUCH a frustrating ending for me. Till i was told there’ll be a sequel. It better be better than this.





Kristen stewart played her part well. Even tho she looks so amateur in between all the actors in the movie. Of course she looks contemporary, but she had that naive-girl character, so..boleh la…

Its a movie that i’d watch again and again.. Cant wait for the sequel
But i want to add something tho: I think sequence of every scene is not smooth, some scene are too short, and there are some scenes i dont think significant, for example the Queen’s milk bath.. whats that for? there are other


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