Shawlism by Zura 0.3

Thank you for waiting and most of all thank you dor wanting more!

Paisley Pattern Series is now back, with improved sizing, more choices yet still made from the soft silky fabric that has been loved by most.

Pattern 1 – sold out!!! Thank you frens of shawlism!!!


Pattern 2 – all SOLD OUT TQ frens of Shawlism


Pattern 3 – sold out!!! Tq frens of Shawilsm by Zura


Pattern 4 – sold out!!!! Tq frens of Shawlism


Pattern 5 – sold out!! Tq frens of Shawlism


Pattern 6 – sold out!!! Thank you frens of shawlism


Pattern 7 – All SOLD OUT!!! Tq frens of Shawlism!


Pattern 8 – fully booked


Pattern 9 – SOLD OUT!! Tq Frens of Shawlism


They are all 1.8m long with 18″ witdh enough to cover decently, insyallah

Each is RM38, and postage is RM 6 for each. For more than 3, postage will be RM8

Email me at for order

Thank you for supporting Shawlism by Zura


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