Shawlism by Zura 0.4

Introducing new shawl from us. Made from well known matte surface fabric, crepe. This fabric shapes easily, weighs down nicely for you, yet it is not translu ent so you can wear it without inner neck.

This shawls are exclusive and only comes in 4 colors and in very very limited numbers. Lavender, turqoise blue and greyish blue are made with rounded ends, while for the green, it enda with cute lace at both ends.


Lavender – sold out! Thank you frens of shawlism!!


Turqoise blue – all booked!


Greyish blue – sold out!! Thank u frens of shawlism


Green with black lace – Sorry….all sold out.. really fast .. TQ Frens of Shawlism


They are all at 1.8m length and 18″ wide and could be yours at RM32 without postage. POStage is RM 6 for each shawl, and RM 8 for 4 and more

Email me for orders

Thank you
May our intention of hijab be blessed by Allah


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