The Hunger Games, the movie and the book

What shall it be? A review? Or a spoiler…. Hahahaha, i might do both, as i think there’s already trailers, synopsis every where around the internet about this new saga. This saga is supposedly to be huge, with great young actors, full with suspense and actions, love and mystery. But i am seeing that the movie doesnt really kicks in, here in Malaysia rite? Maybe they need a Rob Pattinson as a hero, or someone like him to make it a phenomenal

How does this trilogy gets into me. I was shown the trailer by my colleague, whom at the this moment I could name, a trailer freak, or a king of movie trailers (he used to showed me so many interesting movie clips)
So i get to know of this, and kept it in mind, that it could be my type of movie, just that it seems to be made for the young. I did not find myself went running to the movie when it was viewed…. Till i bought the dvd few weeks ago. Watching it at first, I thought the movie is confusing, I could not understand what and why at first. And it doesnt have a good hook, being slow and quiet in the first part.

But it will make a huge difference if you know what the movie is about first, and understand the trailer. Then, i think the movie would get into you link to the trailer is here

Let me just sum up, on The Hunger Games. Its the first of the 3 parts of the saga. The story lingers around a country named Panem, where there are 12 districts been control by The Capitol, which is like the main city of Panem. Everything was being controlled, so that no one could ever challenge the power of The Capitol, and they remain as the ruler. The Capitol creates the hunger games, as a reminder for the people any rebel would leads to the end of them, just like district 13, a district said to be destroy due to uprising of their people. 1 boy and 1 girl aged 12-18 will be picked randomly to be tributes, presenting their district.


Katniss Everdeen, 16 years old, a girl who has been taken care for years, volunteered, after her lil sister name was picked up, and this story is narrated by Katniss. A boy, Peeta Melark was chosen too. The Hunger Games will be about the journey of Katniss and Peeta in the Hunger Games. Its also about how Katniss had to leave behind her sister, mother and best friend Gale. I was not satisfied with the movie, as i need to know what happen to Gale, whom i thought should be Katniss’s boyfriend……so this leads me to read the book.



And yet i found the book is much more interesting. I’d give a salute to Suzanne Collins, the writer of this trilogy, as the story line is interesting all the way the way to the end, and they were unexpected. I could not guess what could have happen. Which easily locked me in, and keep on reading Catching Fire and The Mockingjay. The mockingjay, is a bird which became Katniss’s symbol, where in the last book she was called as The Mockingjay. In the trilogy, the mockingjay has been given some weigh to show its significance, which i think was brilliant. In the movie, it was just a safety Katniss found, and became a luck charm for her.




I might not want to spoil everything else, as I’d like you all to read the book as well..dont worry it doesnt take long. Its just about a week to finish all three books, they are not that thick. I downloaded the e book for free.


The Hunger Games – 1st book – is about The Hunger Games, how it being played.. Katniss won
Cathing Fire – 2nd book – There’s a pay to every victor of The Hungry Games, and Katniss need to deal with it… She was chosen to be a tribute in the 75th Hunger Games, for 2nd time
The Mockingjay – Katniss tries to end The Capitol..and a war begins….

The actors

Jennifer Lawrence was great!!! Loveeee her expression, she was a better actress compared to Kristen Stewart, another heroin from Twillight Saga. She was powerful, and was full in action. She dominate everyone else in the movie and character was sooooo much reflects with Katniss as in the book. Thumbs up.



I would say, there’s no really a hero in this movie, Jennifer Lawrence is the heroin, and she is the hero too.


2 thoughts on “The Hunger Games, the movie and the book

  1. lillies says:

    entry menarik!!! no thanks to u mata i juling baca the e-book from my iPhone lolz

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